Gaining your Private Pilots Licence (PPL)

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Private Pilot Licence - What's involved

- Medical Exam with an authorised CAA Medical Examiner (just to make sure you’re fit before you start)

- A minimum number of 45 hours training (it may take a few more hours, everyone is different)

- A Qualifying Cross Country navigation flight – (this is done solo and is a great achievement)

- A Skills Test – (general handling of the aircraft, plus some more navigation)

- Completion of 9 written exams

Once you have successfully completed the training, tests and exams you will be able to apply for your very own private pilot licence (PPL) - a fully fledged pilot at last. You will be able to fly at your own discretion into licensed and unlicensed strips at home and abroad, with or without passengers, as long as the flight visibility is above the legal minimum. Our aeroplanes are available for hire and our staff and Club Members will be pleased to pass on their advice and many experiences.

Your first flight

Flights are preceded by a thorough briefing and your instructor will 'walk round' the aircraft with you pointing out such things as ailerons, flaps, elevators etc. and explain what is checked prior to flying each day. Your first flight will be to familiarise you with both the aeroplane and the sensation of flight. In the air you will acclimatise yourself with the exhilarating experience of flying and see just how easy it is to climb, turn and descend After a few hours you will be doing all of the flying without prompting by the instructor.

Going Solo

This is a fantastic feeling, and usually happens after around 10 hours of instruction when your instructor feels you are ready! You must 16 or over in order to complete the solo flying requirements for the application of a license, but you can start the dual training prior to this.

After the official certificate and congratulations you will be back in the air again to consolidate on the rest of the syllabus.