Which Aircraft Type?

PA18 Supercub
The world's two most popular single-engine training aircraft are made in America by Cessna and Piper. Both are renowned world-wide for their safe flying characteristics, reliability and robustness.
At Duxford we operate types from both manufacturers, namely Cessna models 152 and 172, and the Piper model PA-18-150 "Super Cub".

The main difference between possible training types is that of nosewheel (tricycle) or tailwheel undercarriage (often referred to as "Taildraggers"). Perhaps if we draw an analogy between aeroplanes and motor cars, you will be able to select the type most suited to you more easily. Are you happy to drive a family saloon, or do you secretly yearn to drive a high powered vintage sports car? If the later is your choice then it's a tailwheel for you. In the air, both types are similar to fly, although it is fair to say that tailwheel types do require a little more finesse to fly well. On the ground, however, it's a different matter. Tailwheel types do require additional skill for taxiing, take off, and in particular landing, the result of which undoubtedly breeds a better pilot. Incidentally, having learnt on a tailwheel type you will find it easy to convert to nosewheel types, but unfortunately the reverse is not so simple, and would require a conversion course.

Have a chat with your instructor to find out which would be best for you.