Tailwheel Conversion Course

Tailwheel Conversion Course

Are you already a pilot, but haven’t flown a tailwheel airplane? Improve your flying skills, especially takeoffs and landings, while you learn to tame the taildragger!
Flying Tailwheel aircraft is more challenging and more enjoyable than nose wheel so if you want to learn to improve your stick and rudder skills, and would like to do some flying that is just ‘plane fun’, then sign up for our 2 day/5 hour course.
Our Tailwheel training is carried out in our beautiful PA-18 Super Cub which has just been completely restored and is in the traditional bright yellow of the type. It’s an easy to handle aircraft and ideal for converting to a “taildragger”.


Any pilot can undertake the course provided you have a valid and current Aeroplane Licence, SEP (Land) Class Rating or SSEA and a Medical Certificate.


The flight training element of the Tail Wheel Conversion course consists of  5 hours of dual instruction

There are no formal skills tests on completion of the Tail Wheel Conversion course

The ‘Differences Training’ remains valid for the duration of the pilot’s flying career

The Super Cub is also available for Experience Flights – click here for details